Italy restarts: new warehouse and relaunch strategy for Aervaro

The economic crisis resulting from the Covid epidemic has not slowed down Aervaro’s growth and development choices.
After more than 40 years of activity, Aervaro moves its headquarters to Pioltello (in the eastern hinterland of Milan) and, thanks to a new warehouse and a 15 ° -25 ° cell, relaunches its strategy of leader in temperature logistics services controlled.
In a historical period in which many Italian companies see their future with uncertainty, Aervaro chooses to make a qualitative leap by strengthening its strategic assets.

A functional and innovative warehouse

The new Aervaro headquarters is located at the Pioltello logistics hub, just 5 minutes from Linate airport and less than an hour from Orio and Malpensa.
A strategic position that favors a rapid and immediate connection with air and road networks. Indispensable factor for Aervaro’s business model, which aims to provide advanced and temperature-controlled logistics services for pharmaceutical and related companies.
The new and larger temperature cell allows you to store large quantities of natural products, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, supplements and, in general, products that require the maintenance of a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees centigrade.
The wide availability of storage and the rapid connection with the airports offer a competitive advantage for companies that handle large quantities of product and manage their imports and exports.

Maximum safety and compliance with anti Covid measures

Aervaro operates in conditions of maximum safety for its employees, suppliers and customers.
The premises of the warehouses and cells are entirely painted with resistant and certified resins, suitable for environments that require maximum cleaning and hygiene.
All premises (warehouses and offices) are constantly sanitized in compliance with the measures issued following the Covid pandemic.
Thanks to the ISO 9001: 2015, GDP and HACCP certifications, the incoming and outgoing transport conditions are strictly monitored and the goods have all the necessary documentation (for example in the case of handling of pharmaceutical and natural products).

Re-Starting towards a future full of opportunities

With these new investments and a development and growth strategy, Aervaro once again confirms that it is an excellence in Italian entrepreneurship, at a time when many companies close or maintain a timid and unwilling attitude towards expansion.
History teaches us that large companies are the ones that have reacted with courage precisely in times of greatest difficulty, innovating and adapting to change with new strategies.
Being able to count on a company like Aervaro, represents an important business opportunity for the whole supply chain and for the numerous startups pharma, biotech and the world of natural products, which at this moment want to grow and better manage their supply chain. products.

The advantages of temperature-controlled logistics

Logistics services increasingly play a strategic role in all areas of commerce and production.
During the lockdown e-commerce and in general home deliveries have proved indispensable and since then the growth of online sales has become unstoppable.
Many sectors expanding today, such as the pharma and the natural products sector, require a specific supply chain, which always guarantees the integrity and effectiveness of the products.
Each type of product requires specific transport and storage services: Aervaro specializes in particular in logistics services that require transport and storage at controlled temperatures.
In the new logistics center of Pioltello, thanks to the new warehouses and technologies that have always distinguished its services, Aervaro represents the suitable partner to develop the business in Italy and abroad.

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