We offer a goods storage and handling service, relieving the client company of any task, providing for the collection of goods and storage, taking care of any picking, assembly, labeling, packaging and subsequent shipment of goods to various destinations.

Goods storage

We have space for 150/200 pallets
The goods storage is guaranteed by the presence of a fire prevention system and an internal and external alarm system with insurance coverage as a guarantee for our customers.


We guarantee you a flexible and fast delivery order preparation service. By making the best use of warehouse picking for each individual shipment, we can support your need to pack different goods, both by type and number.

Promotional kit assembly

We can offer you an assembly service for promotional material and related packaging tailor-made for you.

Personalized labeling service for your goods.

We have a wide range of packaging suitable for different types of goods.

Start-up & e-commerce

We provide Supply Chain and Operations services for start ups and ecommerce companies and help them developing their online sales.