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Temperature controlled storage +15/25°C

The storage cell is built according to the law and guarantees the maintenance of the temperature from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Thanks to suitable measuring instruments, the established temperature is constantly monitored. A further guarantee of safety and protection is given by the presence of video surveillance cameras for further control of the logistics process

The goods in the cell are isolated from the other areas of the warehouse and are kept to protect and guarantee optimal hygiene conditions.

Shipments by land at a controlled temperature

The drug and natural product supply chain requires that temperature-controlled storage be guaranteed at every stage of the supply chain, whether in motion or in storage. Thanks to our certified network of transporters in Italy and abroad, we are able to monitor that at each stage of the supply chain process the climate control conditions suitable for the product are assured and we provide the necessary documentation by fulfilling legal and good distribution practices (GDP).

Temperature controlled air transport (Cool Pharma)

When transporting drugs, specific skills are also required in the field of logistics: patient health also depends on the efficacy and integrity of the drugs and therefore on their correct storage, even during transport. We have agreements with the most important airlines for Cool Pharma services at temperatures + 2 ° / + 8 ° and + 15 ° / + 25 ° C. We follow the shipment with our best partners for controlled temperature transport. Direct airport pick-ups and deliveries for immediate shipment of goods.

Competence and certification in the field of Good Distributive Practices specific for natural and pharmaceutical products

Thanks to our experience and certifications we can transport the goods at their optimal temperature, guaranteeing that the same temperature is maintained from collection to delivery. On request we can supply the temperature swipe. We provide our partners with consulting support and custom merchandise preparation.

We are the reference logistics partner

We are the reference partner for: Pharmaceutical Companies; Biomedical Companies; Health Agencies and Hospitals; Pharmaceutical Logistics Operators and Wholesalers; Pharmacies; parapharmacies; Perfume; herbalists; Sporting goods stores and food supplements. We are also the ideal logistics partner in the management of the following products: Pharmaceutical products; Parapharmaceutical products; Cosmetics; Dietary Products; Food supplements; Natural raw materials; Herbal products

Customization and labeling of packaging

We carry out packaging and re-labeling services in our warehouses, thus combining product customization and maintaining it at a controlled temperature.

Some examples:

– Packaging labeling
– Preparation of cans and boxes
– Preparation of photographic documentation to support preserved products

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Certifications for quality and conservation of food, chemical and natural products


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Temperature controlled logistics services

Medicines and natural products such as supplements and nutraceuticals require specific transport and storage services.
We collaborate with leading manufacturers and retailers of supplements, nutraceutical products, drugs, making our cells available at controlled temperature and offering a constant monitoring service of the air conditioning conditions in storage and transport, in full compliance with current regulations.